Twist Off Lids

Lids are made of high quality import tin. Modern equipment produces twist off lids that meet international standards


Cylindrical metallic tins and lids (bottoms) intended for prepackaging preserved foodstuffs.

СКО Lids

Metallic lids for glass jars with sealing neck rings


223043. Belarus.
Minsk region, Papernianskiy Village Soviet, agro town Bolshevik, Promyshlennaya str. 7/4-1 tel./fax:
+375 17 5130987
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  • 224142, Belarus, Brest region, Lyahovichi,Oktyabrskaya Str., 142
  • Belarus, Minsk


En About company

About company

Joint Venture  «Сan making factory "INTERLUCK» - is a dynamically developing company, which currently occupies an outstanding position among the Republic's leading enterprises producing tins and metallic lids for both domestic and industrial preserving.

«Сan making factory "INTERLUCK» intensively explores new markets and gives high priority to modern marketing policies. The company constantly looks for more opportunities to establish and maintain long-term mutually beneficial partnerships.

We attract a large number of return leads by revealing a conscientious individual approach to each consumer. The thoroughly maintained raw material standards accompanied by highly organized technological discipline and corporate culture can be enumerated among the basic advantages of our company production processes.

We urge towards a perfect level of quality and find it a stimulating motif to produce packaging that would meet the highest modern standards. Furthermore, «Сan making factory "INTERLUCK » demands strict observance of special requirements made to its employees.

Constant investment into new technologies as well as expansion of the range of goods witness of the dynamic development pace and provides for continuous growth of our importance on the local and foreign markets.

Currently our range of products includes:

   1. Metallic roll-in lids for glass jars (type 1, spec BY 700010525.006-2003, 82 mm diameter);
   2. Twist-off lids (Type III, All-Union State Standard 25749-83 (CMEA standard 3445-81, 82 mm diameter);
   3. Tins (All-Union State Standard 5981- 88,  welded  №5, №6, №7, №9, №46, №12, №13 and  type  Kenzo  85/83-80.
   4. Japanning of tin and imprinting services

All products meet the hygienic demands made for goods of the type and approved with a certificate of conformance of Belarus and Russian Federation.

We also provide all necessary technical maintenance of the products to simplify your work processes. We respond flexibly to consumers' requests and are always happy to provide informational assistance.

We are sure that our products will pass any demonstrative trial testing on Your lines, which will convince You in the accuracy of Your choice.

«Сan making factory "INTERLUCK »  has acquired the reputation of a reliable supplier and a conscientious partner due to the high quality standards of products, efficient customer service and consistent contracts realization.

If You decide to sign a long-term agreement with us, which will presuppose fixed pricing and shipping schedules, You will guarantee provisions to Your enterprise in an efficient and timely manner. Owing to this and other facts, InterLuck has gained great popularity not only at the domestic market, but also in Russia and other countries of Commonwealth of Independent States.