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СКО Lids

СКО Lids

Metallic lids for glass jars with sealing neck rings of type I (СКО I-82) spec BY 700010525.006-2003. Metallic lids СКО I-82 with rubber packing rings intended for corking glass jars with sealing neck rings of type I-82 in conformity with All-Union State Standard 5717-81 in domestic and industrial conditions.

Lid СКО I-82 dimensions:
    * Outer diameter - 89,6 mm
    * Height - 6,9 mm

Lids are made of electrolytically plated tin in conformity with All-Union State Standard 13345-85. Tin width is 0.18mm, 0.20mm, Inner surface of the lid is covered with the lacquer, which has been officially approved by the health protection authorities to be applied in contact with foodstuffs.

The following is used for outer coating of lids:
    * For lids without lithographical design: alimentary protective lacquer;
    * For lids featuring lithographical design: enamels, lacquers and paints produced by "ICI Lacke Farben" (Germany) and "Rhenania" (Germany).

All paintwork materials are hygienically certified. Every lot of lids is verified for paintwork materials durability by means of sterilization. Lids meet the hygienic demands made for goods of the type and approved with a certificate of conformance of Belarus and Russian Federation. State hygienic registration certificate №08-33-E.59786. Declaration of conformance №BY/112 10.1.1D 009 00110.