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Twist Off Lids

Twist Off Lids

Lids are made of high quality import tin (№18, №20). Modern equipment produces twist off lids that meet international standards (82 mm diameter). The lids are made of quality import and domestic materials and are used for corking glass jars (type III), which are production-run in Belarus, Russia, Ukraune.


Our lids feature outward japanned or enamel coating:

    * golden, white, green, red, yellow, and blue colours;
    * custom colours and colour shades corresponding to Pantone colour scale (by customer request);
    * custom colour design (lithography of any complexity level) - performed by customer request.
    * Compaund
      Lids inner surface compound depends on the type of product being preserved and its processing techniques (thermal, cold or aseptic potting):
    * pasteurization by temperature up to 100°С;
    * sterilization by temperature up to 121°С and backpressure up to 1,8 ± 0,2 bar;
    * deep sterilization by temperature up to 131°С and backpressure up to 1,8 ± 0,2 bar.

The lid types we offer are applied for corking glass jars with the following types of tinned foodstuffs:

    * Refrigiratory;
    * Pasteurized in open baths, autoclave and tunneling refrigerators (jam, juices, olives, honey, syrup fruits, etc.);
    * Sour (mayonnaise, dietary jam, mustard, hoarse-reddish, etc.);
    * Processed by temperature higher than 105°С (pears, green peas, vegetables, meat, mussels, shrimps, semi-boiled dishes, etc.);
    * Sour-salty (in case the inner coating features three layers) - (gherkins, cucumbers, tomatoes, large onion, etc.);
    * and other foodstuffs containing large amount of fat (vegetables in oil, cheese).

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